We are sorry to announce due to parking issues because of our neighbors at 18151 Harbor Point Loop the Glidden’s Christmas light show had to be cancelled this year.  We are working diligently to get this issue resolved so we can have the show next year!!!!  Thank you to everyone who has supported us and still supporting us through this difficult time, especially the neighbors who have been with us from the start of the show.

The Santa Mailbox will still be out and I will still be doing letters from Santa!!!!!

You may also look forward to our MAILBOX for LETTERS to SANTA , receive a personalized letter in return.

PS. To listen to our show please turn your car radio to 89.9 FM the show is about 40 minutes long.

PPS. Please read this note from Kaleigh Wotring: 

The 2018 earthquake did a lot of damage to the Glidden’s home. They lost the computer that they used to run the light show, and many of the lights were destroyed.

The Glidden’s have been paying for this out of their pocket. It’s their gift to the community, and they don’t mind one bit. But replacing everything at once, along with all the home repairs, is too much of a load for one family to carry on their own.

This fund has been specifically set up to purchase replacement lights, and to help pay the electric bill. Please consider a donation, and come out to the show!

You can find our fundraiser page and more information about it here > https://www.gofundme.com/f/mr7zft-the-christmas-house

– Gratitude –

We would like to thank Kaleigh for her time and energy putting this Fundraiser together for us. And Thank you so much to those who have already made a donation. Our hearts are warmed by your generosity.

A big thank you to  Hi-Resolutions for doing a great job on our signs and donating them.